Two Jacks

Role: Lily
Director: Bernard Rose

A modern adaptation of Leo Tolstoys’s short story ‘Two Hussars’. Legendary film director Jack Hussar (Danny Huston), notorious gambler and womanizer, returns to Hollywood to raise financing for his next film. During a whirlwind night on the town, Jack hits some wild industry parties, seduces the stunning Diana (Sienna Miller), and narrowly escapes a brush with the law, before playing a high-stakes poker game at dawn. Years later, Jack Hussar Jr. (Jack Huston) arrives in Hollywood for his directorial debut, and Diana (now played by Jacqueline Bisset) finds her daughter, Lily (Rose Fellner), falling for her former lover’s son. As Jack Jr. struggles to follow in the footsteps of his famous father, he learns the hard way the importance of being his authentic self.

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